Tips for a healthy snow day :)

SNOW DAY!  On the freezing cold day, hunkered down surrounded by the beautiful snow outside, since I ended up cancelling my day due to the icy roads outside.

I thought this was a perfect opportunity to remind everyone of things to do when stuck at home to make your world just a little healthier..

My first priority of the day was to make food. It is a perfect time to make a giant pot of stew (or another large warm meal) I chopped up onions, carrots, potatoes and garlic, put in the crock pot with some stew meat and I will be having myself a lovely warm dinner this evening. And tomorrow evening and even over the weekend J

Want to workout, but don’t want to leave the warm house? There are so many things you can do at home……

1) Air squats, you can put a tabata timer on your phone and have a great workout.

2) Push ups, drop and give me 20.

3) Planks-feel that core work!

4) Yoga, pull up a youtube video and get your stretch on.

So many activities that can be done! The list could even keep going.

On that note, stay safe out there. Embrace being cooped up in the house and have fun!

To having plenty of hats and mittens!

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